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Solar Power’s Best Bets

Source: Fast Company Magazine

The economic downturn and Applied Materials' failure in the thin-film solar business were a one-two punch to the thin-film solar industry. Here's how the big players look heading into 2011.

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Solar Roofs that Don’t Stand Out

Source: Eco Historical Magazine

While it’s easy to love what Solar photovoltaic roofs offer us in terms of clean and natural energy from the sun, it’s also easy to see thatRead More....

Solar Roofing Shingles are Gaining Popularity in New Residential Construction

Source: www.HomeAdditionPlus.com

New solar roof shingle technology is accelerating in popularity with builders of large housing developments and homeowners alike. In sunny regions of the country, or where electric utility costs are high, solar roof shingles can provide dramatic electric utility cost savings.

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Phase-Change Memory Found in Handset

Source: www.eetimes.com

Engineering consultancy UBM TechInsights has announced it has found a phase-change memory die inside a multi-chip package inside a mobile handset.

TechInsights (Ottawa, Ontario), part of the same group that publishes EE TimeRead More....

A Marriage of Beauty and Function

Source: PV Magazine

The idea of solar modules that can blend into buildings like chameleons promises to unlock new installation spaces, inspire eco-friendly architectural designs and create a new market for folar electric equipment manufacturers.

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Big Ideas. Little Packages.

Source: National Geographic Magazine
Can good design change the world?
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Thin-Film PV: A System Designer’s Guide

Source: SolarPRO Magazine

The thin-film PV industry has seen extraordinary growth in the past 8 years. According to GTM Research, about 17 MWof thin-film modules were produced globally in 2002,accounting for a 3% marketshare. Thanks in large part to the global polysilicon shortage of the mid-2000s, not to mention the $4-per-watt crystalline silicon (c-Si) PV module prices that Read More....

Rooftop Record

Source: Sun Wind & Energy Magazine
Large-scale rooftops are currently among the most attractive segments on the Italian PV market. In this segment, the projects are competing for superlatives in terms of both, size and capacities. Enel Green Power currently leads the league. The green subsidiary of Italy’s largest energy provider prideRead More....

Feed-In Tariffs Would Help Expand Michigan Solar Industry, Execs Say

Source: Crain's Detroit Business


At a time when Michigan is looking to diversify its economy and add jobs, people in the state's solar industry say they're ready to grow their businesses -- if given the right incentives. And the largest North American example of the incentives they're talking about has already Read More....