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Customer: Coca-Cola Enterprises (CCE)

Location: Los Angeles, California

Completion Date: January 2004

System Components: 128-watt PV modules

System Peak Capacity: 325 Kw System

Estimated Cost Savings: $60,000 per year


UNI-SOLAR®’S flexible thin-film solar panels were used to create a new, lighter-weight, single-ply roofing membrane for CCE’s bottling facility. The new system combined 128-watt photovoltaic modules capable of producing 100 kilowatts of clean power from the sun daily, for every 28,000 square feet of roofing material installed. This capacity is critically important during peak hours when energy from public utility sources is particularly expensive.

The 325 kilowatt solar roof at the Los Angeles production facility began generating electricity on February 13, 2004. By embracing the concept of green energy and implementing a solar roofing system, CCE stands to save millions in energy costs while significantly decreasing its CO2 emissions over the life of the system.


  • Coca-Cola Enterprises new solar roof can produce 1,600 usable hours of electricity annually (equivalent to 67 days) with a cost savings of more than $60,000 per year.
  • The new roof produces enough energy each day to power the average three-bedroom home for one year.
  • CCE avoided the cost of a new roof and does not anticipate significant roof maintenance for another 25 years.