Can I purchase solar laminates directly from United Solar?

Which United Solar product is best for me and my needs?

If I am outside of the United States, who do I contact in order to purchase/acquire UNI-SOLAR® laminates?

Can I purchase individual solar cells as opposed to the entire laminate/module?

Does United Solar sell to distributors or wholesalers?

Are there incentive programs available?

How much do UNI-SOLAR laminates and systems cost?

Can Uni-Solar products be imported into Japan?


When and where will the PowerShingle product be available?

How can the EnerGen product be purchased and installed on my home?

Can UNI-SOLAR laminates be installed on my home?

How much does your product weigh?

Can your products be cut or trimmed down?

What are the sizes of your products?

How much energy does your product make compared to crystalline modules?

What are the advantages of your laminates compared to crystalline solar modules?

How can I estimate the size of the solar roof I need?

How do I ground your solar laminates?

Can I walk on the solar material?

What's the highest voltage system I can create?

Do you publish a list of approved substrates to directly bond your product to?

What are the components of a solar system?

What determines the size of a solar energy system?

What factors are considered when determining a system’s layout?

What maintenance does the system require?

Are UNI-SOLAR modules flexible?

Does United Solar offer a warranty for its solar modules?

Are UNI-SOLAR laminates available for low voltage or off-grid photovoltaic applications?


What is United Solar?

Where are United Solar’s global offices and manufacturing facilities?

Can you provide me with an organization chart of who works in which department and their associated contact information?


What exchange is ECD’s stock traded on?

How do I buy ECD stock?

When is the next earnings release?

What is ECDs fiscal year?

How can I get ECD financial documents?

How do I obtain an Investor Kit containing a Corporate Overview, Annual Report, 10-K and 10-Q?

Can I access the quarterly conference calls?

Where can I address stockholder communications?

When is the annual stockholder meeting held?

Where can I find information about ECDs executive staff?

How can I contact Investor Relations?


How do I apply for a job with United Solar?

Does United Solar send updates or rejection notices after receipt of submitted resumes?

Does United Solar offer internships?


Where can I find data sheets on your products?

Does United Solar participate in community relations or corporate sponsorships?

Who is your media relations contact?


How do I inform United Solar of my company's capabilities?

How do I submit a solar industry survey or questionnaire to United Solar?

Does United Solar provide company or solar industry information to students or teachers?

Does United Solar offer public tours of its manufacturing facilities?

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